All about Premium Domains

Premium Domains

Ever come across a domain name that was already taken? You thought and thought about a clever name for your business but somebody already owns it, well in such situations the idea of premium domain names comes in handy.

Premium domain name is a domain that is already owned by an individual or an organization, the cost of such domains are higher, could be hundreds and thousands of dollars, mainly because of higher value. The domains are considered premium due to its simplicity and accessibility to every user, let’s suppose the URL is a much simpler domain name for a makeup brand than, thus premium domain names are bought by businesses. Also factors such as length, keyword and branding also make up a premium domain.

When does the premium domain name get valuable?

There are several factors that make up a domain name valuable; firstly if the selected domain name is memorable then it will encourage users to return to your website and thus being valuable for a business. Secondly, the domain name that generates traffic and improve search engine ranking is also an important factor for a domain name to be premium. One more thing that adds more value to a premium domain is that feature topically relevant keywords.

Cost of premium domain:

Due to the benefits listed above, the premium domains are more expensive than other types of domains. There is no fix rate of a premium domain the cost can vary depending on its simplicity, SEO potential and the back link profile. In other words the more value a domain name holds the more expensive it gets.

Are premium names really worth it?

Well yes. Looking at all the benefits mentioned above, premium names greatly help in deciding the right name for your business and also ensures the availability of the name you are looking for in the ocean of domain names that have already been used.

Premium domain name registration:

Many of the web hosting companies like 1and1, GoDaddy etc provides their customers with the service of buying premium domain names. The registration is quite simple, simply enter your desired name into the search box and receive a list of premium name choices to opt from, select it from them. If the premium name does not exist in the search box, there is a choice of viable alternatives to choose from. Once you have settled yourself on a premium domain name of your choice, you are all set to create your website.

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